Natrelle Inspira Silicone Implants

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In June 2015, Allergan introduced the INSPIRA silicone gel breast implant to the U.S. This implant design, which has been used safely in Europe for many years, is now U.S. FDA approved. The Natrelle Inspira Silicone implant offers both surgeon and patient an ideal option to further enhance upper breast fullness.

Historically, one of the best options for patients seeking more dramatic upper breast fullness was to use overfilled saline implants at an 115% overfill to achieve the patient’s desired look. The downside to overfilling the saline implants, however, is that they sometimes feel too firm. Although, patients love the look!

With regards to silicone implants, they are prefilled, and it turns out that the traditional Allergan Natrelle implants are only about 86-87% filled with silicone gel, whereas the Mentor MemoryGel implants are 91-92% filled. Hence, the enhanced upper breast fullness that many patients liked better with Mentor implants.

Now, the Natrelle INSPIRA implants are available from Allergan, giving patients and cosmetic surgeons an additional option. The INSPIRA silicone gel implant is an “over-filled” or “fully-filled” silicone implant � 96-97%. Hence, a moderate-plus profile INSPIRA implant can give patients who need a moderate-plus profile implant, the high-profile look they desire from Mentor. The advantages of silicone implants include a decrease in the risk of capsular contracture, an enhanced warranty, a more natural feel, and less palpable rippling. And now patients can avoid the risk of their breast feeling too hard from an overfilled saline implant!

Ask your cosmetic surgeon if the INSPIRA silicone gel implant is right for you.

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