About the President

Welcome to the Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society website. As a professional society of cosmetic surgeons, we are dedicated to the practice of safe, expert, and skilled surgery to help our patients continue their journey with the body and confidence that makes them who they are.

As president, I invite you to review the information on this site, and I am hopeful that you will gain insights into the professionalism of the surgeons who are members of The Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society.

The reason the TCSS exists is to offer cosmetic surgeon members an open forum to discuss patient safety, hone our skills, and learn about new procedures. Our members share their experiences, discuss new and improved methods, technology, and what works for them and what doesn’t.

We are categorically immersed in patient care and safety. Patient care and safety include not only when a patient is in our care, but also when issues arise that threaten the public’s safety. We will openly confront profiteers, act as an instrument to inform the public, and stand ready to help those who have become victims of cosmetic or plastic surgery scams.

Our Society is a professional surgical organization that embraces the future of cosmetic surgery: focused on enhancing our skills with knowledge and also with a pioneering spirit to create newer, safer, procedures to provide patients the best possible results.

Filiberto Rodriguez, MD, FACS, FAACS, RVT, RPVI

Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society
President, 2015-2016